Project 3 Deliverable

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For project 3 I am thinking about designing a sign for people to clean up after their pets. At the Clemson Botanical Gardens many people take their dogs on walks but fail to clean up after them. I think that it is important to keep a public place like that clean. As far as I know there are currently no signs for people to clean up after their pets. There is simply a sign to keep dogs on leashes and to encourage owners to clean up after their pets. I think having a more creative sign will have a more positive effect on those who bring their pets to the gardens. Any suggestions are welcome.



There are, they just aren't

There are, they just aren't very effective. I live in Tiger Town Village and the sign they have is placed in the very back of the complex in someone's front yard... My neighbor had an issue with dogs in their yard so they put a sign saying if someone's dog went in their yard he'd pick it up and throw it at them. Good pick!

Good idea

I remember the example from Ch.4 that is related to this. I think this is a great idea and something that would benefit the environment. Personal responsibility is hard to accept for some college students.

The book has an example of this

Punch your dogs poo with your fist was one humorous interpretation if I remember.
Perhaps though, if you could speak with someone at the Botanical Gardens about your idea, they have an engraver that could be used to make the sign I think. Also, if it were paired with a baggie dispenser and near a trash can it would not only tell people what to do, but it would give them a way of doing it. It may be that the problem is a lack of bags, and not an unwillingness to clean up after dogs.