3rd Individual Project---Deliverable 1

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For the third individual project, I plan to create an image of a person getting a parking ticket. This sign will be placed all over Clemson's campus and the people on it will be similar to the people on the gender signs at public restrooms. The image I create will help to reinforce the areas around Clemson where people get the most parking tickets and it will be a unique change from the usual "no parking" or "only park between these hours" signs. Because the Clemson parking services are so strict about giving tickets, I hope that this sign will serve the purpose of bringing awareness to Clemson students to help them avoid getting a ticket.



Be Specific

Hi, Parking at Clemson is my soapbox. I've tried to make changes for years with no success. I say this to help you. It is unlikely that your sign will be placed anywhere on campus let alone "all over Clemson's campus". If you want to make it stick, I recommend you pick one spot on campus, and one commonly misunderstood, misrepresented or unmarked area of parking and design for that one space. I've always said, and told Dan Hoffman (the director of parking and transportation services) that until a person can look at a space and know with certainty if they can park there legally or not, then the design is a failure. I'm not sure signs are the solution, but they would be a step in the right direction. I think your graphic should be a parking enforcement officer dressed as a ninja with a warning that they will get you unless you ... have an updated green permit, between the hours of yada yada on weekdays, with the exception of gamedays, yada yada. But run the idea by Dan Hoffman sooner than later or else you run the risk of making a solution that cant be implemented. Or better yet. Make the sign yourself, install it and see if anybody notices.