Connections in the Ipod

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I don't and have never owned an Ipod. However, I have had the experience of using the ipods of friends, and I have to admit that I can never figure out how to work the darn thing.

My main issue is the scroll pad. To be honest, I don't remember borrowing an ipod with the menu, play, pause, forward, and back buttons. Maybe they wear off after a while? Regardless, there are still several functions that aren't labeled and I can never figure them out.

I think my main problem is I always want to go forward or back through a menu and I want to use the arrow buttons when the ipod requires use of the scroll pad. And then I always want to press the button in the middle, which isn't actually a button. Another thing I can never remember, are those arrows rewind/fast-forward buttons or skips?

Katz explains the connections in products apply to their labels, text, or parts and that "the consequence for doing it badly being a high level of annoyance or worse." The labels and parts of the ipod simply aren't common sense to me. The device doesn't function the way I expect it to, and it always ends up as a disasterous user experience.