Effective Design: Emotional Power of animals

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Before I start this entry, I want to say that I purposefully chose a toned down image because they can get pretty gruesome.

When I read this prompt my first reaction was to go back to the ASPCA commercials that come on later at night, have bone chilling music, and the saddest looking animals and bystanders. Personally I have to turn them off they make me so sad. But these ads have very simple messages that even the still frames of the injured animals can get across: that there are animals out there that are being mistreated and are living miserable lives as a result of that. The dog in this particular picture is a direct symbol standing for all of these animals and it evokes an emotion of sadness and compels people to help the cause; to help these animals.



Emotional Power

Emotional power is absolutely utilized in this image. I understand and agree that it's persuasive to show how miserable this underprivileged animals are. However, as the author of the original post stated, it is often easier to turn off the commercial completely. How can advertisers make television consumers such as ourselves feel like helping without scaring us away with these heart breaking images?