Food Pyramid? - Project 3

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In a blog post, describe the focus of your project, your reason for choosing it, and the specfic information that you hope to convey. Be sure to mention the sources for your information. Tag your post project 3. You'll have some time in class to discuss your topic with others and, if needed, to change your mind and repost a refined topic.

Now that I've done my blog post on the conflicting hierarchy of Food Pyramid, I'm wondering if I could do a remake of the Food Pyramid / MyPlate for Project 3. That might be a little more in depth than the project is asking for. But I think there's a definite miscommunication with those charts, and I like to see if I could make it better. I would focus on foods that should be eaten daily. - Harvard's take - more Harvard (even their "healthy plate" is confusing visually) - more specific information on things

Reposting links of bad examples from previous blog post:




Great idea! I'm definitely

Great idea! I'm definitely confused by all of the different graphs they use to represent the food pyramid. Will you do one graphic that includes all of the information or multiple graphics for the different food groups?