Google Maps

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Google maps is an excellent example of how qualitative issues arrise when resulting in the creation of lines throughout a diagram. The website is great for communicating location and directions for a funtional user by providing various geographical maps to point the user in the right direction. For example, the map going from Clemson to Maryland is cleary defined and seen visually so the user can direct themselves cognitevly mapping themselves to accomplish their trip. Katz states the line has three functions:

1. The defintiion of an edge or boundary of an area or object
2. A connection or pointer from one object to another
3. A linear element whose function is one dimensional

The lines in google maps utilize all the characteristics of a line to create appropriate communication. There are some cases google maps becomes difficult to use. Is there a better application for mapping? Follow the link to see the map,+SC&daddr=Maryland&hl=en&ll=36...