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One website that I'm always pleased with when it comes to easy navigation is The website has several huge headlines, and then on the right hand side of the page, there are a ton of smaller headlines. The organization of these headlines is very easy to understand. The smaller headlines are accompanied with a picture so that it's easy to get a feel for what the story is going to be about. All around, it's a very easy website to navigate, even when you click through multiple stories because you're always able to return to the home page pretty easily.




I agree, the top navigation of the site is very well done, giving you appropriate feedback and showing what tap you are on. Though, in my opinion, they need some lines or boxes or something. The text of the stories just kind of blend in with the page with nothing to distinguish them as separate elements. I can recognized that they are separate, but the website itself not marking them as such throws me a bit.

There is a lot going on on

There is a lot going on on this website, but you are right--the information is clearly laid out so that the user can make a decision about which story to read. Each story is competing with another, but the smoothness of the website eliminates the overwhelming feeling the user might otherwise feel during this.


I agree with you website is a great website where navigation is expressed. There is a lot of new headlines and economic stories a person can go see with just a click which makes the website time-efficient in a rational way.