New York City- To Much Information

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There are many examples of information overload seen in New York City’s Times Square. When I visited the overwhelming environment created by bright lights and towering skyscrapers the advertisements would attempt to slither there way into any free space. The dense populated area leads to information ineffectiveness due to the maximum capacity of various signs. In particular, street signs are merged on top of each other so tightly a viewer has to sort through multiple channels to determine which direction they are going. Below is a link to cluttered street signs in NY.



Oh Time's Square

Just one of those things that companies pay millions of dollars to, just to see their name clouded among hundreds of others- makes no sense right?

That's a lot of signs at once

That's a lot of signs at once. I see how that would be confusing! Especially with all the people added in, as well. I think what probably happens in cities is that as they grow, more regulations and rules and signs are added to increase safety, but they actually just make things more difficult and confusing. I have seen things like this occur in my small hometown as it has grown.

NYC is confusing enough in

NYC is confusing enough in itself with all of the people, huge skyscrapers, and loud noises. The amount of signs in this picture frightens me. Navigating NYC is hard enough without a barrage of variously pointing signs coming at you.

Depends on the vantage point

Yes, there are many street signs on this pole. However, the perspective of the viewer would determine which signs are in their field of sight. Having two street signs face in the same direction is obviously a mistake, though.