Pennies and Rainbows

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Penny Juice

I stumbled across this site and just started laughing. Ignoring the baby in the top left corner, because it has nothing to do with this assignment, the first thing that hits any viewer is all of the bright vibrant colors. But what is the meaning behind all of these colors? WHO KNOWS?! I assume it's to represent the flavor of the juices they sell, but really all it does is give users a headache. The colors are inconsistent in whatever meaning they may have, in that they are repetitively used for various types of information. There's no natural meaning behind them.

However, I believe the largest problem is with the navigation and site map. The labels are totally off. When you select "Who is Pennyjuice?" what you are led to is a host of comments that only give feedback on the business and don't actually give any information on who is behind the business, nor what they do. In addition, the site map is at the very bottom of the page, in very, very small text and it actually took me several minutes to find it at first.

I don't know who Pennyjuice is, but obviously they are no designer.



That's a lot of color!

Whoa! That is a lot of color. That much color is very overwhelming and difficult read not to mention distracting. I have to agree that the labeling was a very big issue. Information about the site and what they do is not clear at all.