Project 2-Deliverable 2 (Online Privacy)

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In my information graphic, I will visually represent two main aspects of my research about online privacy. First, I will focus on why parents are so concerned about their children’s activities online and, secondly, I will display their level of concernment of various categories. This second visual display will, in turn, reveal information about our culture today as the display will illustrate specific levels of concernment for various categories regarding online privacy.
When displaying the reasons that parents are concerned about their children’s activities online, I will use a pie graph. This will best display this information because it will be easily divided up and it will give a visual interpretation of the data, which allows the viewers to see which reasons have been a greater concern as a result of this survey.
When displaying the second part about the specific levels of concernment in various categories, I will use a bar graph. The use of a bar graph will be efficient because it will allow viewers to see which areas of concernment have a greater level of concernment than others. Originally, I had planned to use multiple pie graphs, but I have realized that a pie graph would be inefficient for this part of my display, but a bar graph will hopefully display it efficiently and clearly so that it can be easily understood by viewers.
Underneath the bar graph, I will have an explanation of how the information that is displayed in the bar graph accurately relays information about our society today. We will be able to understand how our society has been shaped (and is being shaped) by technology, social media, and the Internet today, by seeing which categories of online privacy have a greater level of concernment.
Underneath my explanation of the bar graph, I will have my 250-word story. As of now, I plan to have it located there, but I will see how it looks compared to possibly being located between the two graphs to space out the images. I will place it whichever way my design looks more organized. Also, next to each of the graphics, I plan to have text boxes or speech bubbles so that I can point out important points of each, and it will hopefully make it more visually appealing and more easily understandable as well.