Project 3 Deliverable

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I will be designing an application for Her Campus Clemson. I recently took on the position as Editor not too long ago and noticed our clubs application form was not awful but in no way an appropriate means to collect the data necessary in a clean, efficient, and productive way.
I realized going directly through google forms will not only allow me to send out a URL to anyone wanting to apply, but it can be posted all throughout Her Campus' social media sites as well- reaching more considerable applicants. And when the information is recorded and completed it will all be located on one document that the staff can peel through in a timely and convenient way.


project 3 comment

I think this will be a great way to reach out and promote to more students who want to join the club. I think that there is an absolute lack of advertising and marketing for a lot of clubs on campus, and students don't always make the effort to search for the club that's best for them. This will certainly help "Her Campus Clemson" in getting more and better applicants.