Project Two - Deliverable Two

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My initial idea was to depict how activities on cell phones have changed over a five year period. The problem I found when looking at the Excel spreadsheet, though, is that data points are absent for several categories. Data isn't available for every year, which is problematic. For this reason, I've decided to examine other variables in the report on cell phone activities. I will no longer be depicting how cell phone activities have changed over time. Rather, I will illustrate cell phone activities only for the year 2012. I will also represent three demographic variables for each of the activities: gender, age, and race.

I want to create visual representations that excite and invigorate the viewer. All of the data takes the form of a percentage, but I don't want to use simple pie charts and bar graphs. The form I have in mind for my information graphic is a two-dimensional paper wheel, but with all the information visible at the same time. All of the data will be displayed on one figure with branching parts. The center will be a circle and will include the title of the wheel and my name. Stemming out from the circle all the way around will be bar graphs which will show the percentage of people who use their cell phone for different activities in 2012. The demographic information will appear as pie charts that are color coded to each representative bar graph. I've been wrestling with how to incorporate the pie charts into the central figure. As of now, I will position the pie charts on an area of the bar graph, so they are associated. As for the color scheme of my information graphic, something smooth and calming.