Proteins - Project three

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I've decided the food pyramid revision will involve doing a lot of research, so I've decided to make a sign or poster displaying different sources of protein. In the US we tend to think of protein being found only in meat. However, grains, fruits, and vegetables also contain protein. So, I'd like to make a sign showing different sources of protein.



Where would you post it?

Would you pin it?
Any way you could get it endorsed by a registered dietitian or association of dietetics experts? that would really add some credibility to the accuracy of the data you are showing. At least show some trustworthy sources of info somewhere on the graphic.

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This will be beneficial for so many people, and especially college students that are exposed to so much poor quality food. Some students probably do overcompensate for what they believe is a lack of protein in their diets, when there might not be one at all. This will certainly help to educate students in a stage in their lives where their diets are probably the worst they'll ever be.