Response Feb 5-Color and Labeling

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This is a basic weather map example. It uses "color" and "labeling" rather effectively, in my opinion. The organization by color, using reds and oranges for hotter weather, and blues and purples for cooler weather, is a method that our society has become accustomed to. So, this is apparently a rather effective way of designing the information. As for the "labeling", there are temperatures that are labeled on the map. They give a general idea of what the weather in a certain vicinity is. Perhaps there are a few too many temperatures, and the information could have been displayed in a more effective manner, but it still gets the information across correctly.



I agree that the picture is

I agree that the picture is effective because of the color use. We are definitely accustomed to warmer temperatures being associated with reds and oranges and cooler temperatures being associated with blues and purples.