project 2. Due Tuesday

project 2 deliv 2

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I think that I will be displaying my information in a bar graph, mainly because I can group together different information blocks into groups of bars. I think I will try and make it somewhat creative and not just plain graphs. I'd like to incorporate the main idea image-wise into the information graphic itself. I've been brainstorming that a little, as well as looking up some ideas to make some sort of boring information somewhat interesting. But, bar graph will be my main objective.

Project 2-Deliverable 2 (Online Privacy)

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In my information graphic, I will visually represent two main aspects of my research about online privacy. First, I will focus on why parents are so concerned about their children’s activities online and, secondly, I will display their level of concernment of various categories. This second visual display will, in turn, reveal information about our culture today as the display will illustrate specific levels of concernment for various categories regarding online privacy.

Online Privacy

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For my project, I have chosen the topic of online privacy between teens and parents. I'm going to focus on why parents are so concerned about their children's activities online as well as their level of concernment in various categories. This topic interests me because it has the potential to bring forward awareness to the things that deserve concern online and the percentages of the various categories can also tell something about our society today.