project 2

Project 2

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I intend to create an information graphic on the state of the news industry. Statistics will be taken from concerning newspaper readership rates vs. online readership rates. I'm choosing this because I am interested in these statistics and think I could create a pretty good graphic using them.

Cell Phone Activities Over Time

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The focus of my project is a study done by Pew Internet & American Life Project, comparing the percentages of cell phone users who perform different activities on their phone over time, from 2007 to 2012.

The eight cell phone activities are:
1. Take a picture
2. Texting
3. Access Internet
4. E-mail
5. Record Video
6. Download Apps
7. Health Information
8. Check Bank Account

Paying for Content Online

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I think I would like to use the following data, found on Pew Internet

The data shows 15 items that 65% of survey respondents stated they spend money for online. In a day and age where it is believed that the internet is made up free content, this information is encouraging for industries.

I'd like to take their list of content and following bar graph and make it more readable and attractive.