Publishers Weekly

Authors Guild Launches a Banned Book Club

In response to the surge in book-banning efforts across the country, the Authors Guild has teamed with the book club app Fable to launch the virtual monthly Banned Books Club.

Macmillan Learning Lands Funding for New Equity Research

Macmillan Learning has announced receipt of a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to research and test how digital courseware can help close equity gaps in course completion for underserved students.

Conservative Publishing in America Today

Former Regnery Publishing president Marji Ross argues that conservative publishers, after finding their voice and audience, now face challenges to being heard.

Black Publishing in High Cotton

Tracy Sherrod, the former v-p and editorial director of Amistad, on Black books, discourse, commerce, and the American racial reckoning.

How Free Is Free Expression?

For 150 years, publishing has been the site where this question is vigorously debated, writes ‘PW’ veteran Gayle Feldman.

What’s Left in Publishing These Days?

Diane Wachtell, executive director of prominent progressive publisher the New Press, reflects on how the press carved out a place for itself in publishing.

Publishing's Big Five Today (But Do Stay Tuned)

A steady flurry of mergers and acquisitions has dominated the book publishing sector since the 1990s, although for the moment, the next big M&A move—PRH purchasing S&S—is on pause.