Publishers Weekly

HarperCollins Union Workers Hit the Picket Line

Roughly 100 unionized HarperCollins workers picketed the publisher's New York headquarters on July 20 as part of a one-day strike in their fight for a new contract.

Dana Canedy to Step Down at Simon & Schuster

On July 27, exactly two years to the date since she took over S&S's flagship imprint, Dana Canedy will step down from her position as senior v-p and publisher. Her predecessor, S&S president and CEO Jonathan Karp, will lead the imprint "for the foreseeable future."

Noemi Press Readies for a New Era

The Blacksburg, Va.-based press has named two staff members copublishers after its cofounder and publisher, Carmen Giménez, was hired to run Graywolf Press.

Spiegel & Grau Do It Again

Two high-profile veterans of corporate publishing enjoy the independent press life.

From the Archive: May 16, 1977

As HarperCollins union members prepare for a one-day strike on July 20, we look back at our coverage of a 1977 walkout at the publisher, which was then known as Harper & Row.

Astra Publishing House Acquires DAW Books

Astra Publishing House has acquired DAW Books, bringing a list of 2,000 science fiction and fantasy titles to the burgeoning New York–based, Chinese-owned publisher.

When Books Become Brands, Graphic Design Is Key

In the first of a planned series of webinars focusing on branding as a metaphor for modern times, the American Institute of Graphic Arts hosted a conversation aimed at illuminating how books have become recognizable brands.

HC Union Sets July 20 Strike Date

A week after authorizing a strike, some 250 unionized employees of HarperCollins said they will hold a one-day strike on July 20, seeking a "more accessible, equitable, and just workplace."

From the Archive: May 11, 1992

In May 1992, we profiled several feminist bookstores across the country. Many are still in business and are providing crucial info to customers in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning Roe.

Finding a Place for Disability in Publishing

Too much work, too little money, and career decisions made in response to health care precarity: this is the reality of people with disabilities in book publishing.

Two Sisters, One Book

Beth and Miriam Parker might just be publishing’s most powerful sisters—and this summer, they're officially teaming up on Miriam’s latest novel, 'Room and Board,' for which Beth is heading up publicity.

Macmillan US Begins Processing Orders

After being shut down for more than a week because of a "security incident," Macmillan's warehouse has resumed its core operations and is now processing, shipping, and receiving orders.

Insight Editions Teams with Film Production Group New Regency

Film production company New Regency has partnered with Insight Editions to form a publishing division producing large-format art and gift books based on New Regency's films and series, starting with Simon Abrams's 'The Northman: A Call to the Gods.'