Publishers Weekly

PRH Fires Back at the DoJ's Effort to Stop Its S&S Purchase

Penguin Random House is disputing the U.S. Department of Justice's main argument in the government's lawsuit to block PRH’s acquisition of S&S, namely that the merger would lead to "substantial harm to authors of anticipated top-selling books and ultimately, consumers.”

Coalition Condemns Political Attacks Against Books in Schools

The National Coalition Against Censorship has issued a statement signed by more than 600 signatories condemning the political efforts to remove books from schools as acts of censorship that threaten the education of children while putting the safety of librarians, teachers, school administrators and school board officials in jeopardy.

Knopf Launches Knopf Cooks

As an expansion of Knopf's publishing program, the publisher has formed Knopf Cooks, which will be led by executive editor Lexy Bloom.

Scribner to Halt Distribution of Sebold's Memoir After Broadwater Exoneration

Scribner, publisher of Alice Sebold's 1999 memoir, 'Lucky,' announced it will "cease distribution of all formats" of the book, while it consults with Sebold on "how the work might be revised." The book, which details the effects of a sexual assault Sebold suffered in college, has become embroiled in a controversy after the man convicted of raping the author was exonerated of the crime last week.

HBG Has No Date for Return to Office

Due to the arrival of the Omicron variant, Hachette Book Group said it has not set a date for a full return to its offices with CEO Michael Pietsch saying the company will only bring people back when it is safe to do so.

Will Publishing Sales Grow Again?

Industry sales have increased only once since 2016—but 2021 is one strange year. Anything could happen.

Lonely Planet Comes Out of Lockdown

Amid global travel restrictions and under a new parent company, Lonely Planet spent 2021 retooling. Now it's ready to hit the road.

Supreme Court Asked to Rein In Government Pre-Publication Reviews

A petition was filed this week by the Knight First Amendment Institute and the ACLU on behalf of five former government employees, who claim their First Amendment rights are being unreasonably stifled by an expansive and non-transparent review process.

Gagosian Launches Publishing Imprint, Picture Books

Gagosian, the influential art gallery, is launching a new publishing imprint, Picture Books, in December. The imprint, conceived by author Emma Cline, will publish a series of fiction books by leading literary authors alongside contributions by celebrated contemporary artists.

New and Forthcoming Titles on Diversity

A list of new and forthcoming adult and children’s titles on the issues surrounding diversity and the multicultural nature of American society.