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Norton Halts Publication of Bailey’s Roth Bio

Publishers Weekly -

W.W. Norton announced that it will cease publication of the newly released edition of Blake Bailey’s 'Philip Roth: The Biography,' as well as Bailey’s 2014 memoir 'The Splendid Things We Planned,' and take both works out of print.

Publishers, Authors to Raise More Aid for Indie Bookstores

Publishers Weekly -

Indie Shindig, a virtual event series for booksellers created by half a dozen publishers, aims to raise up to $18,000 for We Need Diverse Books and Binc. Author Gayle Forman and Penguin Young Readers are contributing sales of Forman's new novel to Binc's "Thrive to Survive" campaign.

Norton Halts Shipments of Blake Bailey's Roth Biography

Publishers Weekly -

Norton has temporarily halted the shipment and promotion of Blake Bailey's 'Philip Roth: The Biography' following allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against the author by a number of women. On Monday, Bailey’s literary agency, the Story Factory, dropped the author when those allegations first surfaced.

Karp Defends Pence, Post Hill Decisions

Publishers Weekly -

After some employees began circulating a petition urging S&S to drop Post Hill Press as a distribution client and to cancel its publishing deal with former Vice President Mike Pence, CEO Jonathan Karp said the publisher will continue serving as Post Hill's distributor and will move forward with plans to publish the Pence memoir.

How Bookishness Affects the Book Biz

Publishers Weekly -

The fetishization of books as a vibe sells iPhone cases that look like leatherbound tomes and clothing with literary designs. But does it actually sell books? Book business insiders weigh in.