Smarter Than You Think

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In Clive Thompson's book, Smarter Than You Think, he explores the idea of whether or not technology is more helpful or harmful. Although he acknowledges that there are negative consequences that come along with society's ever-growing use of technology, there are many benefits as well. smarter than you think
He says, "Every new tool shapes the way we think, as well as what we think about." Furthermore, he defines the cognitive impact technology has in three ways: "First, they allow for prodigious external memory: smart phones, hard drives, cameras, and sensors routinely record more information than any tool before them... Second, today's tools make it easier to find connections... that were previously invisible. Third, they encourage a superfluity of communication and publishing." I agree with all three of these points and think that their benefit to society is enormous. technology connecting the world
Like he mentioned, technology has a way of making the world smaller and connecting people, which is a great thing both personally and professionally. While there is information to counter Thompson's claims, I think it's important that the pros are also recognized-not just the cons.



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I really liked you blog post! I always tend to think about the negative affects of technology on life today and the ways that we think but I think that it is important that you underlined that there are cons BUT also pros. I always tend to be afraid of technology and its affect on people today but it really does help with the faster dissemination of knowledge! Thanks so much for your insight!

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Hi Abby -- I agree with Remy

Hi Abby -- I agree with Remy's comment above; sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in the negative effects of our technology-centric world. But there are definitely a lot of benefits as well, and like Thompson encourages, it's great to recognize the ways that technology enhances our lives, even in ways that we often take for granted. I often find myself wondering how I functioned before I had a smart phone - as silly as it sounds, it's difficult for me to remember how I navigated in an unknown place without my Google Maps app, or how I made it through a work week without having my email at my fingertips, or even how I passed the time without a device in my pocket that offers access to so many ways to occupy myself (with important things like TriviaCrack and Candy Crush, naturally). And that was my reality only 3 short years ago! It's hard to imagine what technologies will revolutionize our lives in the next 3-5 years, but I'm hopeful that the positive effects they create will be outweigh the negative.