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Kleon’s idea that our work doesn’t speak for itself is something I find quite challenging. I always thought that people who speak about their work a lot are a bit into themselves if you know what I mean. I also never felt super confident about anything that I have ever created. The only real genius I see in myself is my wit, often on display in less than 140 characters. I understand Kleon’s idea and think it’s 100% true, but it is harder in practice than in theory.

I think that Kleon’s idea may be more than one of self-promotion; it seems like one of connection. By sharing your work’s story with an audience you get to make a connection with the audience and allow your audience to connect with you. When we are more emotionally invested in something we care about it more. That’s what sharing your story does; it allows people to emotionally connect with a pice of your work.

Last year I worked on a group advertisement project for my Visual Communication class. My partner and I came up with a new beverage and an advertisement that could be placed on gym machines. The idea was to use unclaimed space and market the product to women who were interested in a natural flavored drink.



I run the social media for Threads on Sloan, a store downtown. The above is one of the photos I've taken for the store's Instagram account. I guess with social media you have to have a story behind every picture you post.


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I really liked your analysis

I really liked your analysis of Cleon's writing. It really shows how when you allow your audience to connect to you, they are often more receptive. I really liked your pictures as well! Awesome post!

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Mary Rose - great post! I

Mary Rose - great post! I agree; it can seem a bit conceited to constantly talk about your own work. But I really love what you said about showing your work being less about self-promotion and more about connecting with your audience. That's an awesome point, and a great way to think about the positive aspects of showing our work. BTW - I've been really curious about Threads on Sloan but haven't gone in yet to check it out...but your photo inspired me to go by there soon - looks like they've got some cute stuff!