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Because I am an amateur in many regards, narrowing this blog to a single topic took consideration. After deciding to dedicate the following words to my novelty as an editor, Austin Kleon's quote under the heading "Be An Amateur" struck as applicable to the topic of this blog: "The world is changing at such a rapid rate that it's turning us all into amateurs."

Thinking back to the age when newspapers and other forms of tangible paper-produced reading material dominated the industry, one can notice that simply composing a blog is evidence of the transformation around us we have and will continue to witness in the area of writing, reading, and yes, editing. Though not fully accustomed to the Adobe tools that now make editing an art, I still enjoy the process of turning an unfinished piece of writing into a polished one. Specifically, Adobe InDesign, containing a plethora of tools along the left side and top of the document, allows for high-quality editing for those who understand how to effectively operate it. Reaching that professional level of editing is a must-accomplish before beginning my career as a sports journalist, and while I have a long way to go, everyone starts as an amateur somewhere, right?

Below is a pair of photos displaying an unfinished and finished product in InDesign, respectively.

Adobe InDesign Sample
Adobe InDesign Sample