Amateur Hour

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"The world is changing at such a rapid rate that it's turning us all into amateurs." - Austin Kleon, Show Your Work, pg. 18


This is the second time I've read Austin Kleon's Show Your Work, but there are so many great tidbits of knowledge in this book that I'm glad I'm getting to pick up on more of them this second time around. In the "Be an Amateur" section of Chapter 1, Kleon reminds us of the rapidly changing world in which we live. He's right - we all have experienced firsthand the ways that technology is constantly shifting and rendering us all amateurs in light of its evolution.

macbook air

I'm currently experiencing the sense of being an amateur as I just purchased my first Mac computer this weekend. I have several other Apple products, and have used iMacs and MacBooks in the past, but am still having to get used to this new operating system after years of being a PC user (so far, so good, but I must confess that I had to Google how to scroll on a MacBook Air - the two-fingers on the track pad was a new one for me. Sad, I know). It's hard to imagine what the new technologies will be for the next generation, but it's clear that innovation will continue to happen and if we want our work to remain relevant, we need to embrace our amateur status with enthusiasm and try to evolve along with the times.


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Welcome to the Mac gang! Haha

Welcome to the Mac gang! Haha, I’m sure you will quickly learn the intricacies of your new computer. Personally, becoming accustomed to an Apple computer and the interesting and important things it is capable of made me realize just how far technology has come in my (our) lifetime alone. I remember banging away as a child on the bulky, rudimentary computer my family owned, and due to the aforementioned technological advances, I know you’ll enjoy your Mac much more than that.