Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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The book GO by Chipp Kid was by far the most visually pleasing book I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. The effort and thought that went into making such a delightful book is apparent. With design on the brain I looked around Cooper library to see how else design is impacting the world around us.

This image is of the call numbers on the side of a bookshelf. The design used for it is quite straightforward to match its straightforward purpose. It is used to find books, so it is used as directions, a sort of map. To mirror this purpose the design is minimalistic and easily readable. It is practical in nature.

All of my pictures are sideways because that is my creative trademark and definitely not because I couldn't figure out how to rotate the pictures. Just by the way.

This poster is supposed to discourage students from talking in the library. As a result the designer made it look similar to a stop sign. Not only does this design draw the eye of the reader but it also uses the thoughts of stopping associated with similar signs.

This final sign, and my personal favorite is taken of a study cubby on the fourth floor of Cooper. While not as professionally done as the first two images, I think this one is infinitely more interesting. Every doodle that somebody added, or straw that they wedged into the holes, was done for their own personal benefit. They wanted to distract themselves or to have others see their joke or comment and be entertained. They wanted to make an impact so the whipped out a pencil and started doodling. I think that this, at its essence is what design is really about. It's people wanting to make something that has an impact.