The Calming Effect of Art

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Art always has a story behind it. The artist feels different things as they create it, and they are going through different things. Every piece of art an artist produces can bring back different memories and different emotions for them that can never completely be communicated with the reader/audience. An example of this in my own work is when I first got into my relationship, I was really nervous before the first date and so I drew a picture to calm my nerves.
wolf without shading
I just kept tracing the lines of the wolf’s fur and that was the thing that helped me collect myself before the date. On the second date I had a similar problem, so I decided to draw the wolf again and this time shade it in a little bit.
wolf with shading
Working on this wolf picture helped me clam my nerves, and it created a beautiful piece of art at the same time. It really shows how a piece of artwork can never fully describe what is happening in the artists head or what the artist is feeling.

I also write when I’m nervous, or read. Both of these are artistic ways for me to collect myself and calm down.

Photos drawn by Theresa Pometto. Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



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This is really cool and

This is really cool and totally relatable. Although I don't draw or sketch a whole lot, I really enjoy reading and writing when my nerves are sky high. I write poetry, blog posts, and sometimes even fictional short stories to take my mind out of the moment and escape for a while.