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The term span automatically makes me think of the folder inside my email address, or the kind you put on a sandwich. According to Clive Thompson, human spam is a real thing. Don’t panic! That doesn’t mean the spam you’ve smothered on your sandwich is made of human entrails. Cuz that would be just gross.

Human spam is described as people who are “everywhere, and exist in every profession. They don’t want to pay their dues, they want their piece right here, right now. They don’t want to listen to your ideas; they want to tell you theirs,” (Thompson, 124). My interpretation of this is that you can’t always avoid them, because it seems like its worldwide; almost just as common as the concept of pluralistic ignorance we learned about last week! Clive Thompson goes on to say, “You should feel pity for these people and their delusions. At some point, they didn’t get the memo that the world owes none of us anything.” At this point, I 100% agree. I can’t help but to say that I’ve already run into those type of people in high school and college.

That being said, I think that in place of hating on the spam, we should add some flavors, and make the sandwich taste better as a whole. What I mean by that is this: if we continue to hate on the human spam, then we are basically “feeding the trolls”. Get it? I find a relation between human spam and trolls. Thompson describes a troll as, “a person who isn’t interested in improving your work, only provoking you with hateful, aggressive, or upsetting talk,” (Thompson, 154). Clive Thompson says to ignore them and to block this negativity off if possible.

Now, DEPENDING ON THE TROLL, I disagree. I am not proposing that we argue with idiots, because that will get us nowhere. Like the spam, I feel like we are responsible for changing the world. Our forms of art are already doing it! We may as well allow our attitudes to have the same affect on people.

If we share our work constantly, and don’t act like the world owes us something, we will begin to grab peoples’ attention. If anything, we will network with each other and share ideas. More and more people well notice what we are doing, and begin to do the same. We will start a positive form of pluralistic ignorance, and change the world around us. This includes the human spam and trolls. Don’t think it will work? Clive Thompson is already doing it to us as readers.

Speaking of sharing work, here is a small glimpse of what me and the DPS Content Development Group have done this week!

And below is a picture of The Table of Contents in the most recent issue of The Clemson Chronicle. I was under the copy editing department this semester :)