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This book is really helpful to me for many reasons. I love reading out of APE and will probably continue to use this book throughout the future of my career. I learned SO much from this book and it really made me excited. When I finished reading the three chapters in Ape: How to Publish a Book, I began to research potential careers for my future (the publishing industry is something I am really in to). I looked into editing, copy editing, being an agent, an editorial assistant, and even touched on some designing aspects of the industry. "Chapter 2: A Review of Traditional Publishing" was the best because it went into all aspects of the publishing industry. This is something I have been looking at as a career goal for a while now. Based on the small summaries of each key player in the publishing process, I now know what every person is in charge of. As a person considering going into the publishing industry, these three chapters were somewhat scary for me. I don’t want to go into the publishing industry if the future of the book is to be totally digital. I’ll be out of a job!

However, it was also nice to know that I could get some of my own short stories and poetry out in the world by self-publishing through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I own a Kindle Fire (my brother bought me one this past Christmas) and it literally sits on a shelf and collects dust. I am really interested in seeing what this little baby can do. I don’t know how to use it! I literally have no use for it right now. I have read just a few books on it. Here are two of the handfuls I have read:
The Story of Sisters
As the world begins to mold and shape creative ideas in a digital process, the kindle will become more relevant to today’s society.

These three chapters also make me want to learn about Digital Design and Layout because everything is turning towards technology. I am excited and anxious over this reading at the same time. It taught me a lot about some possible career ideas and what the future of the book might hold.

Here is a link that discusses the trend of e-reading I found to be really interesting:
The Trend of e-reading

Here is another link called The Confessions of a Kindle Convert I found to intriguing:
The Confessions of a Kindle Convert

Be sure to check them out!!!



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APE is so helpful!

APE is definitely inspiring and a great guide for self-publishing. I looked up some big name books and authors that were self-published and it was so encouraging! So many great books have been the product of someone's own hard work, not from big publishing companies. I think as the book evolves there will definitely be a surplus of new career opportunities, I just hope the process doesn't lose the need for human involvement too much!