The Creative Clouds - Weekly Log 2/27

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Despite the winter weather this week, the Atlas team managed to really get started on the collaborative project. The entire team met at Nick's on Wednesday to talk about the project, determine responsibilities for the different parts of it, and map out a plan for getting it done.

Dr. Blakesely shared Atlas log-in information with the team, so we can really start figuring out how the program works. Unfortunately, we're finding it isn't the most user-friendly interface, so we're hoping to do some more digging to determine how it works.

In the meantime, the design team will be focusing on doing research on the Atlas program, its history, O'Reilly Media, etc. for the case study aspect of the project. We've set up a collaborative GoogleDoc that the team will be using to track our progress on the project. We plan to report back on our progress as a group next Thursday.