The Creative Clouds - Weekly Log 4/10/15

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The past week has been very productive for the (formerly known as) Atlas team, despite some big changes our group has faced.

We started out the semester intending to publish a multi-platform book using O'Reilly's new browser-based publishing tool Atlas. We learned last week that Atlas would soon be discontinued, so we have shifted our focus.

This week we determined some major section headings for our book, decided on a style for designing our case study, and we're in the midst of polishing content for inclusion in the book.

The Creative Clouds will be focusing on a few things from here on out:

  • Assisting with the design of the book template, which will be exported to ePub, mobi, and print formats
  • Leading the design of the case study using Adobe Slate
  • Helping the content team edit the video footage for the case study video
  • Managing photography and image collection for the team's book and case study

The Creative Clouds will also be assisting Nick's @ Nine with revising and collating blog entries from the class for inclusion in the book.

Stay tuned!