The Golden Rule

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Austin Kleon doesn’t want us to be human spam . But he wants us to promote ourselves, to share our work. So we are then tasked with finding the delicate balance between over sharing and drawing others in to our obviously charming lives.


The most logical place that this concern comes into play is on our social media sites. It’s a slippery slope to over sharing. At first you might just post a picture of a special event you went to, and then you snapped a few good shots of your cat doing something utterly adorable and the next thing you know it complete strangers are able to lookup your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your Instagram from the last five weeks and you officially have a problem.

So, when looking to find a fix and stop being the human spam Kleon urges against there is a simple modern day rule for conducting your social media presence, a little something I like to call The Kardashian Kriteria.


The Kardashian’s are ALWAYS slaying the social media game and they do so because they have found the balance Kleon advocates. They are constantly sharing their work, be that Kylie Jenner’s mysteriously puffy lips, Kim’s killer contouring, or a host of other masterpieces. The trick is that they do all this while maintaining an air of mystery. Their audience never knows everything that’s going on with them. How does Kylie’s hair change from blue to pink so quickly? We don’t know. Where is Kanye? We don’t know. What the heck is going on with Scott and Kourtney? We don’t rightly know. It is in this balance of sharing and keeping hidden that the audience remains intrigued and you keep from annoying everybody with your meaningless spam.