Human Spam

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Don't be human spam.

Austin Kleon could not have used a more effective word.

Nobody likes spam (nobody normal anyway) whether its in this form

or this form

and especially not this form

Spam in all capacities is terrible, and don't trust anybody who tells you differently. It all belongs in the trash and there it is nothing but something that hopes to be something else.

One time, a friend who I shall not name had me over for dinner and she made tater tot casserole. Eating casserole was already adventurous enough for me, but when I got my first forkful I was in for the worst surprise. There was spam in the casserole. I never knew, until that moment, that people actually bought spam. I decided that people who buy spam just don't know any better. (Because seriously, what is it?)

The second kind of spam is also for people who don't know any better. Think about the young 13 year old boy that is somewhere right now checking his email when he sees in a subject line "Hey sexy! I met you online and I want to play..." (I am about to take part in some serious stereotyping, so just roll with me.) He opens the email and not only finds an (in his opinion) arousing picture of some 20-something year old, but he also clicks on the link. The family desktop crashes and starts getting pornography popups and then he has to go tell his parents so they can fix it. It only took one experience with spam. Now, he knows better and he won't make the same mistake.

The third kind of spam, however, is absolutely the worst. I am so glad that Austin Kleon gave it a name. We all know these types of people, the random people that follow you on Instagram, like ALL of your pictures and leave comments and then unfollow you as soon as they follow back. I think of them as aspiring prophets. Get as many followers as you can before you die. That is basically what they do. But, as Kleon pointed out, they are not only annoying but ultimately destructive. They suck all the life out of you. They are like friends that come over and drink all your alcohol (or juice) and then leave. They are parasites. While most of the book talks about showing your work, I think it is so very important that we understand the importance of viewing other people's work as well. Self-promotion is okay; self-obsession is not okay. It's not all about you. Don't be human spam. Don't suck the energy out of people, and realize the importance of others' work as well. Don't just show your work, read the work of others too.

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Remy Barnwell