Nick's @ Nine - Weekly Log 4/3

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The Atlas team spent last week and this week trying to get back in the swing of things after Spring Break. Since the semester is quickly coming to an end, we are trying to kick things into high gear and really make some progress on this project.

One large announcement: the Atlas team will no longer be using Atlas (ironic, I know). Unfortunately, O'Reilly Media has decided to discontinue Atlas in a few short months, and this has affected our access to the site. Instead of spending time trying to learn an application that will soon cease to exist, we're re-directing our efforts.

The Atlas team will still be creating a book on the subject of Writing Across the Curriculum, but we'll be using InDesign as our one-stop shop to create it, in a similar way as we were planning to do with Atlas. This means that we'll set up our original book file in InDesign with styles and other features that make it easily exportable to ePub, mobi, and print-ready formats. We'll also be documenting this process for our case study both through a print document and a short video.

Although the Atlas team is no longer really the Atlas team, we're looking forward to this new direction for our project and we still think it will be useful to larger discussions about the future of the book.

The content team will be focusing on gathering content for the book from some various sources Dr. Blakesley has shared with us. The design team is also pitching in on this effort since there is a lot of content to get through. Nick's @ Nine will also be working to get a video interview completed for the WAC book and the case study. We'll be discussing more details about this next week.