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This week’s assigned reading was pretty neat. I like to write a lot to clear my head of the many thoughts and ideas that pass through it throughout the day. I have a blog that only a few people have access to in which I publish my most personal thoughts and ideas. Its difficult because its on the internet, and many people around the world can see things that are really personal to me. This makes the internet seem really scary.
Scary Internet

However, I don’t let many people know about the webpage because it is so personal to me. I am able to write the thoughts out like a stream of consciousness on this blog page that my closest friends can look at, and know I won’t be judged or thought of differently.

Thompson says, “When you write something online- whether it’s a one-sentence status update, a comment on someone’s photo, or a thousand-word post- you’re doing it with the expectation that someone might read it, even if you’re doing it anonymously.” This changes the way one might write within a personal journal by their bedside table. You take your innermost thoughts that are held within a journal, and post them on an online blog page, where other people can read it. It transforms the writing process from writing for your own understanding to writing so other people will read your words, relate to you, and share similar experiences. The blog page I have is intended to help others that are having the same problems I do.
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Although the link below is interactions on how to gain Pinterest followers, I think the same instruction could be applied towards gaining a larger audience to view your blog page:

The next link I am going to post is super helpful for everyone in this class. It is a website that contains information on where to find free stock photos for a website or a blog. Since this is technically a blog post, and we do these posts weekly, I think this link could be very helpful:




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Hi Valerie: I totally agree

Hi Valerie: I totally agree with you about the fear that accompanies putting your work out into the world via the internet. I think people who take writing seriously, especially their own writing, feel a certain pressure to make everything they put out there--whether it's a tweet, a blog post, or something much longer--interesting and special, and that can definitely be difficult. But, I don't think it should stop us from sharing our writing in a variety of formats; it's important to overcome that fear and put our writing out there--you never know the impact it could have! Thanks for sharing!

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Hey Valerie,

Hey Valerie,
The internet scares me too. I'm weird about who I share my writing with. I WILL NOT share it with my family, which seems pretty weird I guess. Writing is so personal, but I'd rather a stranger know something really personal about me instead of my family knowing it. I know this probably sounds really strange, but it's real.