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I have enjoyed reading from the APE book the most out of all of the books for class we have read so far and I highly recommend it to anyone looking toward publishing any of their work. Out of all thirteen chapters we were assigned to read this weekend, I enjoyed Chapter 8 the most because it talked a lot about editing and copyediting.

This is something I am really interested in right now as a potential career. For class, I am taking an actual book published by Parlor Press, and am converting it into an ebook. This is work I have never done before, but I really LOVE it.
Writers Without Borders ebook

Page 80 says, “There are four ways to obtain both kinds of editing: enlisting friends, family and coworkers; tapping niche communities; crowdsourcing; and hiring professionals…You can never get too much editing and feedback.” I really liked this because I am constantly using friends, family, professors, and classmates to edit my pieces of writing. Rather its from fiction, to essays, to poetry, I love to get all the help I can get. Here is a picture of one of my poems from last year:

The selection of reading had a lot of useful information on self-publishing. It discussed the most useful, efficient, and money-saving strategies in going about to do this. I have personally never self-published a book or story, but I think it is something I might really look in to. I’ve had several professors talk to me during their office hours about self-publishing because I have always been curious about the process.

That being said, if I were to meet another self-aspiring author, I would definitely lend this book to them and direct them to read these six chapters. I would encourage them to self-publish because it is easy, less time consuming, and less expensive than trying to get an editor to like your work. I would specifically tell them to do some outside research on Kindles and how they work with Amazon and self-publishing. This seems to be the most popular of strategies in self-publishing work.

15 tips and facts for self-publishers

Anatomy of an eBook Launch



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Totally agree!

Hey Valerie, these are some great connections. I also thought these chapters were super helpful, especially with what we are doing in class. I like the points you make about self publishing being your choice for an author to follow because I always tended to side with going through a publisher. But you made some compelling arguments! Great work!
Larissa Barkley

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Hey Valerie

Yeah I definitely agree with Larissa here that these chapters were super helpful because they broke down the steps one by one. Although Chapter 13 was supposed to be the "harriest," I think that it was actually super helpful in terms of information. I don't think that if you are a patient person and take the time to sit down and actually follow the steps, that it is really all that difficult.

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I am totally pestering my

I am totally pestering my friends and family to edit things for me as well. It really builds up a community of trust, because it is hard to share your writing! I love sharing with my family especially because whenever we get together they all tell me how worried they are that I won't get a career in writing, and when I show them my physical work it makes them happy and supportive.
Good work!

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You really applied the

You really applied the reading to examples from your life well! You would be a great editor and you are a great writer! I also agree that you can never get too much editing help. I am always looking for people to read my stories, poems or papers. It is always nice to have an outsider look in with fresh eyes!