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Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work book discusses the horror of becoming human spam. As he explains it, being human spam is selling too much of your own work and not taking the time to look at other’s work. This is a very important thing to learn, especially with writing. It is important to look at other works in the same genre and see how they tell a story and taking that and using it in your own unique work. It is also important to share your work with others in order to get feedback and criticism and hopefully learn from that criticism. My favorite example of working with others and not being human spam is C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. I loved reading Narnia as a kid, and I love reading it to my nephews still. I’ve always loved Lord of the Rings and all of Tolkien’s short stories. Lewis and Tolkien often worked together, and criticized each other’s writings. They created a positive atmosphere to share work without excessive self-promotion. This is what Kleon is telling us to aim for in our writing careers.

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I also loved to read The

I also loved to read The Hobbit and Narnia. Those two authors are full of magical imagination. I think this is a great example of creating a positive atmosphere for helping each other progress writing.