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I've always been intrigued with the concept of telling stories through different means than words. I've heard some say that "every dance tells a story," but I disagree. Some dance just because they're moving with the music, and that's sometimes more beautiful than a storyline.

Here is a dance that I'm obsessed with, set to a song that I love, "Creep" by Radiohead, choreographed and performed by Bradley Kitchingham. Is the choreography based around a story, the mood of the song, or both? I don't even think it matters. It's absolutely beautiful.

This is from one of my favorite albums, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." While this album doesn't have as clear of a story with characters like "The Wall," Pink Floyd's other concept album, the A side of this album is constructed around the themes of life and time. This song, The Great Gig in the Sky, is the last track on the A side, and the vocals are completely improvised by the vocalist, Clare Torry. When I hear it, I think it sounds like going to heaven, but someone wrote in the comments that her daughter thought it sounded like a woman who had just been left by her husband and couldn't move on.

I shared this picture on in a photography Facebook group once and got lots of comments about how it's beautiful and tells a story. The story behind it is that I was trying to take pictures of the lake at sunset and some random couple sat in my frame.

This one is one of my favorites. Most pictures of Paris focus on the Eiffel Tower, the most tourist-ey place in the world. I feel like the 850-year-old gargoyle is watching the tower unfold from an idea to something that's almost cliche now, even though the gargoyle is sitting on a landmark that's much older, more impressive, and meaningful. I had to edit the picture in a way that it would stand out (I'm not the only one who's taken a picture from that angle, but the cloudy day didn't give me much to work with). This way, you can't really tell when the picture was taken.



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I think this photo of the

I think this photo of the gargoyle is really, really cool. I also like how you linked your blog to Pink Floyd songs. I love Pink Floyd. I agree with you that not every single piece of art has to relate to a story. Although it makes art more interesting and relatable in certain situations, I think there are also certain situations where people should just let go and not analyze everything. Good job!

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Thank you Valerie! I do love

Thank you Valerie! I do love Pink Floyd, and I think it's interesting how much power this song has, even though it was improvised, she didn't like it, and she wasn't really part of the band. I find their new album interesting because everything in it has a different inspiration, but it's all been tied together for the band's closure. The last track is the absolute perfect last track for the last album.

That gargoyle appears in other pictures besides mine, but it's just such a picturesque frame, so I can't blame anyone who wants that picture. I just wanted mine to stand out from the others, and it's difficult when so many people take pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

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This photo is amazing! It has

This photo is amazing! It has this foreboding feeling to it that reminds me of Godzilla because of the graininess of the statue and the scale compared to the Eiffel Tower. i really like the romantic feel of the Paris skyline juxtaposed by the menacing Gothic style of the gargoyle. If Paris had it's own version of Godzilla it would be this creature for sure.

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Thank you! I always found it

Thank you! I always found it interesting that the gargoyles are there to protect the beautiful place from evil spirits, because it makes the building look scary to the people who want to enter it. I also love how every gargoyle is different. There are probably some that look more like Godzilla than this one.

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Hey! You're photography is

Hey! You're photography is absolutely amazing! I also really enjoy the point you bring up about perspective being subjective and how the same song, picture, or dance has the potential to be interpreted completely differently. I think that's probably one of the main reasons the arts appeal to so many people. It is really interesting to see the differences between the personal impact of a work in comparison with the artist view, like you touched on with your sunset picture.

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Thank you Briana! Yes, it's

Thank you Briana! Yes, it's fun to see how the artist and the viewer interpret things differently. Sometimes it's a case of not noticing something, and sometimes it's a case of approaching it with different knowledge.

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Gargoyle Awesomeness

Hey Christine!

I lived in Paris for four months and can honestly say that I did not venture up to the top of Notre Dame, but this picture makes me feel like I am back there and I really do quite enjoy it. I think what I enjoy most about photography in regards to its definition as a type of art is that it is realistic art, but at the same time it is not.

I know for me personally, photography is about perspective--something that captures your eye might not capture someone else's--for example a blade of grass and photography gives us the opportunity to share how we see life--things that others might not notice.

Although lots of people take pictures of the gargoyles, each photograph is different because it shares a different emotion--it could be spooky or sad--even mystical.
I really do like what you captured here!

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This was my favorite place in

This was my favorite place in Paris! I can't believe you never went! I don't like editing pictures, but this had a lot of editing done to it so it would stand out from other pictures taken at that angle. That might be how the picture would look if it was taken 100 years ago, but the cars would be different and the landscape may be different.