Spamalot or Not (Also Known as "My Obsession with Coffee Shops")

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When Austin Kleon advises us not to “turn into human spam” he is saying that we need to be productive contributors to the community we are in. We can’t just bombard others with our work and not offer up anything to them. We can’t do the opposite either though. We can’t simply comment on other people’s work without offering our own up. There needs to be a balance of give and take between you and the community you are interacting with. We can’t expect people to help us if we don’t help them.

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My favorite section of these chapters of Kleon’s book is “Identify Your Fellow Knuckleballers.” I love this section, but am also the most frustrated. I feel like I’m struggling to figure out what I’m a knuckleballer about. Step 1: what do you like? I cannot answer this question, which is why postgraduate life scares the life out of me. I guess the real problem is I feel like I don’t know enough about anything to be a real knuckleballer at it. Maybe that is the point though, to find people who can teach you. I don’t really have any clue what’s happening. I’m pretty much just bopping around being stupid and trying to figure stuff out. If there were a group of people that wanted to talk about coffee shops I would be all about that. Can I be a coffee shop knuckleballer? I think I would like that life. Would someone pay me? If you know anyone, let me know.




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Coffee shops are the best! These are some great connections too. It's important to give feedback, like these comments, on other peoples' work if we expect to get it on our own!
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These are some great

These are some great connections. I have the same problem about deciding what I'm a knuckleballer about. I think that you are cutting yourself short though; why don't we know enough to be knuckleballers?

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I love your point about

I love your point about finding a balance! Your point reminds me of the trope of a "bad friend" who only ever wants to talk about themselves. Nobody wants to hang out with that kid, which is why it's important that we all learn how to carry a conversation that both parties can say something about, or in this case share feedback on each others work! Also that mug is adorable.