Subway Art

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In the spirit of showing my work, I decided to share two pieces of "art" that I've recently given as gifts. Last fall, my mom informed me of a new phenomenon called "subway art" after seeing some pieces designed by her co-worker. Basically subway art is just a creative typographic representation of a certain "category" of items. The most popular form is words that describe a certain city, and there are even subway art "generators" online that help people create these interesting pieces.

The first image below is my initial attempt at subway art. It is a compilation of the birth dates of all the members of my mom's side of the family. The date at the top is my grandparents' wedding anniversary, and the dates that follow are the birthdays of all their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. They live in Florida so the colors are somewhat tropical to match the decor in their house. I had this printed on canvas at Walmart and I think it turned out pretty cool (and my grandparents were thrilled and love showing it off to all their friends).

subway art bdays

The second image is a canvas I made for my brother for Christmas. He went on a trip out west over the summer and got to visit a lot of cool places, so I made this using some of the highlights from the trip. I was trying to make it a "manly" piece of art so I stuck to a monochromatic color scheme. This one was easier because there was more variety in the words so I felt like I could be more creative with fonts, etc.

subway art Josh

I used Photoshop to create both of these pieces, and I have to give the credit for the inspiration for these to my mom because she came up with the ideas for both of them...she's pretty creative herself!