Toeing the Line

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"I call these people human should feel pity for these people and their delusions. At some point, they didn't get the memo that the world owes none of us anything." - pg. 24, "Don't Be Human Spam," Show Your Work

Reading others minds

First of all, I love how Austin Kleon just doesn't mince words in this section and really tells us how he feels about human spam. We all have that one Facebook friend or person we follow on Twitter who overshares—and in today’s social media-obsessed world, it’s easy to become human spam.

Many of us feel the need to document every second of our lives online, from the mundane (that delicious-looking breakfast sandwich we picked up on the way to work) to the spectacular (a semester abroad in Europe). This need to involve our friends, family, and even complete strangers in the minute details of our lives can easily cross the line between sharing and spamming.

we know what you're doing

I’m personally not a big social media poster. I guess in a way I could be considered a social media “vampire”—I enjoy looking at what other people post (and spend way too much time daily scrolling through various feeds), but rarely feel the need to share anything of my own.


In a way, this can be just as bad as oversharing—what would happen if everybody had this attitude and stopped sharing? We’d miss out on some really cool information, ideas, innovations, and connections. I think the key is to find a balance between being becoming human spam and a vampire, between sharing too much and sharing too little, between actually living out our experiences and creating experiences just for the sake of posting about them online.


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Hahaha Amber

I like the "social media vampire" thing. And I definitely agree with you. This is something I do myself. I rarely post my own work since I think that social media sites are used for sharing your voice about things, but maybe not so much of your own personal work. For things like that, I think Behance is more appropriate. However, sometimes it might be okay to utilize your profile a bit more since you have a good audience of friends and coworkers to share your stuff with.

Great post!