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One idea I found particularly compelling from these two sections of Kleon’s book is the idea of a scenius. He talks about not needing to be a genius, only needing to be willing to have and share ideas. He says, “being a valuable part of a scenius is not necessarily about how smart or talented you are, but what you have to contribute” (11). He goes on to talk about how readily amateurs should share their work and their excitement. I, like Abby, am an amateur traveler. I fall in love with places more readily than with people and have always thought that getting lost is a beautiful adventure. I’ve studied abroad three times and have spent numerous hours researching and planning exciting journeys. I think that traveling is a way to contribute to a really broad scenius. Through travel you have the opportunity to meet so many new people and share your ideas about life. You can also share your own travel stories and teach aspiring travelers some tricks of the trade. Two of my favorite tools to use for traveling are Rome2Rio and Skyscanner. ParisSt. Andrews


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Great blog post!

Hey Mary Rose! This is a great blog post- I really like your correlation to travel and the scenius, I was actually thinking of this correlation while I was reading the first parts of the book. I completely agree with your statement about sharing your ideas about life, especially the part of the book where the author states, " Being a valuable part of a scenius is not necessarily about how smart or talented you are, but about what you have to contribute- the ideas you share, the quality of the connections you make, and the conversations you start," (Kleon, pg. 11). That's a great way to describe what you are saying about sharing ideas with people you meet in other countries!

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Hey Mary Rose!

Hey Mary Rose!

Since I got back from studying abroad myself, I can really relate with your own connection to Kleon's scenius. Although I'm personally more of a fan of different traveling tools such as Kayak and Trip Adviser, I think the main part of Kleon's quote is basically about the acceptance that you know nothing about something. We can only grow stronger in our own capabilities once we admit that we are humans and we are not perfect. This is definitely applicable to studying abroad because you are exploring different cultures and encountering an alternative way of living. Great connection!

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I love your blog post!

I love your blog post! Relating the concept of a scenius to travel made me think about how a scenius has the potential to be really broad. It would be a simple thing to translate a scenius to something like a think tank, which seems to be the opposite of what Kleon is advocating. A think tank type of scenius just plays into the same pitfalls as a lone genius. When you tied the concept to your love of travel and how new experiences can contribute to a scenius the concept grew. Like the creative process, a scenius isn’t limited to a confined space. People are constantly contributing to our work and thoughts and lives.