Where do I buy one of these espresso machines?

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I found Chapter 12 of APE to be an extremely informative and useful chapter. The way the authors broke down the different self-publishing options was super easy to understand and I feel like any author who is just getting interested in self-publishing would benefit from reading this chapter.

The absolute most interesting part of this chapter for me, though, was the Espresso Book Machine. As a coffee lover, the word "espresso" immediately caught my eye and made me seriously crave a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks (#basic, I know).


Anyway, after I realized that this Espresso Machine doesn't make coffee, but makes BOOKS, I was even more intrigued. But also a little sad. Because if there's now a machine that can quickly produce a book on demand, does that mean that the human element of publishing is being stripped away? I realize that a person still had to write the book, but with scary human-like editing programs online and a one-stop book-making machine, how much human is really left in the process? I guess this is one aspect of the future of the book that I'm still not pleased about.

However, I would totally support Clemson getting one of these Espresso machines, the strong coffee-brewing kind or otherwise.



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Great point!

I think you have a great point about the amount of human left in the publishing process. I also think that we must remember that even though a computer can do a lot, the ways a computer thinks are completely different and humans still have the one up on creativity. I am sure there are still a lot of kinks to works out in this process and I would definitely proofread the espresso machine's book myself before making a bunch.

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If the library had a book

If the library had a book espresso machine I may never leave the library ever again. It is definitely crazy how easy it is to publish a well written book, with all the spell and grammar checks the computers have now. The book espresso machine is an invention someone definitely needs to take on!
Nice work!

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I work at Starbucks and there is no shame in that! You get your skinny vanilla latte, girl! That machine is really cool. I too share your worry about what it would do to our industry and also your worry about the future of our industry in general. I often find myself scoffing at people who say that print will die.

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I pretty much 100% agree with

I pretty much 100% agree with you on this one. I thought this machine sounded so awesome at first, but where are the people? This almost seems like we are taking a little bit of the collaborative process out of publishing too.