Write as if no one is reading.

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I have a lot of advice for aspiring authors and self-publishers after reading and thinking of self-publishing my own work.
You should write because you love it.

The only way to finish a book is to finish some every single day. You have to form this habit; without it you are screwed. I’ve seen artist go through taking out their supplies, stare at their canvas for a few hours, and then put everything away. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times have I sat and stared at blank paper before deciding that my heart just isn’t in it. Even thrown things or ruined them because they didn’t compare to the beauty in my head. But the next day, you come back. Your mind is clear, the paper is fresh, and you know where your story or your piece needs to go.
Blank Canvas

Stop caring about commas and perfect sketches. Before it’s gone, get it down, because you can fix it later or cover it up. Worry about quality in your editing process.
Write Drunk

You’ve finished your first story, published it. No one calls. Don’t stop. Keep writing, keep preforming, and keep at it. No one succeeds the first time. If you do, great, you’ll have to keep producing anyway.

Go schmooze other artists. Be a fan. You can learn way more from others than you can from yourself. You might also learn how to treat your fans.
Bat Boy

I consider myself an amateur, I think I always will. Others might see me as something different. Own your work and maybe you’ll start to own yourself and your talent.



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Love, love, love!

Okay I seriously am in love with this post. I agree so much with everything you said, and the pictures you chose really enhanced the message for me! So often I will stare at a page and then walk away, and come back a few hours later full of ideas. I also really identify with your point about not paying attention to commas and capitalization etc... Honestly this is how some of my best work has been done (when I ignore the details and just WRITE). Very good connections!
Larissa Barkley

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Hey Chelsea - I totally agree

Hey Chelsea - I totally agree with Larissa; awesome post! I love all the images you put with each point and I think you gave some great advice here. I especially like your idea about writing as if no one will read it - this seems like the opposite of what most people think when they decide to write a book; but, I feel like when I'm reading books by some of my favorite authors, I can tell that they wrote the book because they were passionate about the topic, not necessarily because they wanted people to love their writing. Cool post, thanks for sharing!

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Awesome advice

This is such a great post! I think it's pretty great advice not just for self-publishing, but for life. Very motivational and the pictures were on point. For me, some of the most fascinating things to read are testimonies to someone's life, it's why I'm such a fan of autobiographies. I like the personalized and the honest things you get from someone writing for themselves. I also love your point about getting things out there right when they come to you. I know personally I write best when I just type - and don't stop to think.