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Welcome to the Future of the Book!

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So that we can get to know each other a little better, please post a comment/reply to this message in which you

  • describe where you are from
  • give your course of study and year in your graduate program
  • talk about your areas of interest and career goals
  • tell what you would like to get out of this course
  • describe one or more of your favorite books and what you like about it (or them)

I'll start. I've lived in the Clemson area for five+ years now, having arrived as the new Campbell Chair in Technical Communication at Clemson in Fall 2010. I came here from Purdue University, where I was the Director of Professional Writing and Professor of English for ten years. I became an Adobe Education Leader in 2014. I earned my PhD from the University of Southern California in "Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature." My areas of specialization include rhetorical theory, digital and visual rhetorics, print and digital publishing, information architecture and content management, and film theory and production. In 2002 I founded Parlor Press, an independent scholarly press that has now published about 220 titles. Parlor Press also manages production and editorial operations for a number of journals, including The WAC Journal, WPA: Writing Program Administration, Composition Studies, JAEPL, Community Literacy Journal, and PRE/TEXT.

Cover of Name of the Wind

I'm excited for this course because I love reading, writing, and making books with other writers and scholars. I enjoy networking, collaborating, and innovating, (any successful publishing effort requires all three working in concert). I'm enthusiastic about the future of the book, both as a print artifact and a digital platform. I read many books on my Kindle Paperwhite, usually novels. I'm a big fan of Hugh Howey's Wool books and his approach to self-publishing, finished Robert Jordan's gargantuan Wheel of Time series two years ago (a feat), and more recently enjoyed Andy Weir's The Martian, which began life as a self-published novel (like Wool).While waiting for the next installment from George R. R. Martin, I read Patrick Rothfuss's The Kingkiller Chronicle (The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's Fear, both of which are highly recommended. All of these books create new and original worlds, which I suppose is one of the great things we enjoy about fiction.


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Larissa Barkley Introduction

Red Moon
Hello everyone!
I was born in Portland, Oregon and from there have lived in 5 other states and 10+ houses. I've been in South Carolina for a little over 3 years now, and in Clemson for almost 2 years. I'm a Junior English major with a WPS emphasis and a General Communications minor. My area of interest is the editing and publication process as a whole. My career goals would be directly correlated with my area of interest (hopefully). I would love to be an editor or someone who is along side the more business aspect of writing. I also love to write and would be interested in any position dealing with that. Right now, I'm keeping my goals broad. I'm hoping to learn more about what goes into the editorial process throughout this course, as well as to further my experience with technology.
I have many classic favorites for books (Paradise Lost, Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, etc...) that everyone loves, so I will share a current favorite. Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy is a short story collection I read a couple of semesters ago that blew me away. I'm reading Red Moon by Percy right now and it's fantastic! I tend to read books that are either entirely realistic or not at all realistic (if that makes sense). Books should either make me question something in society or help me escape from it. Percy's writing does both for me, so that's why I love it!
Thanks for reading.

Larissa Barkley

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Hi! My name is Christine

Hi! My name is Christine Scott. I'm a psychology major and a writing minor. I'm from Charlottesville, Virginia. It's about the dead center of the state in terms of driving distance and home to Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia, and Dave Matthews. I'll graduate this May. I hope to find a job in the mental health field, specifically with depression and psychological disorders that are associated with it. I like writing essays because I always teach myself so much; editing helps me pay attention to the details and by the time I finish a paper, I feel like I've learned so much. I love English classes because I love the discussions that take place and getting to know everyone. I hope this class will help me learn about publishing so I can reach as many people as possible with my findings about mental health.

If I had to choose one book right now, I would choose The Princess Bride by William Goldman. In a broad sense, it's humorous, depressing, and fairy tale-like at the same time, but what I love about it is that it's an allegory. Every name in that book hints at something bigger. I won't talk too much about the allegory because people have gotten angry at me for "ruining it," but I think that's what makes it so impressive. If you want to know more about it, I'd be happy to talk to you about it.
The Princess Bride

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The life of the Youngest Child

Hello, I am Theresa and I come from a small farm town called Boone, Iowa. It may not exactly be like the Music Man, but it can feel like that at times. I worked at a farm in exchange for horse back riding lessons. The school had a mandatory day where we learned about harvest safety. It was an amazing year when a Walmart moved into the outskirts of the town. Altogether I think the town has 4 fast food places, 2 grocery stores, and 1 high school. There was also a random race car tract across the high way. I never knew why they picked that location of all places. It was a fun place to grow up.

I am a sophomore English major. I hope to become a television writer when I grow up. I particularly like superhero TV shows like Arrow and The Flash, which have just been confirmed for a fourth and second season! Yes! I hope to learn a lot in this class about publishing, as I would like to write a novel as well as for TV.

My all time favorite trilogy is always going to be The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. I love it because every time I read it I make another connection, and I see something new. There is so much depth in Middle Earth. I'm not sure I have a favorite character because they are all amazing, but if I was like anyone in the book it would probably be Sam, the loyal friend ready to follow Frodo to Mount Doom and back.
Return of the King Cover

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Hi I am Kalila Pyfrom. I

Hi I am Kalila Pyfrom. I moved down south from New York. I loved the snow up there. I am studying English and my minor is Art. I graduate in 2017. I enjoy sports, drawing, and reading. I want to become an author and publish my first book before I graduate. From this course, I would like to learn how to publish my works. One of my favorite books is The Host by Stephaniethe host Meyer. I love the sci-fy feel it has and the romance in the book. It is very interesting even though it starts a little slow for me but once you get past the first 50 plus pages the book is amazing. There was also a movie done recently on the book and if you want to check out a website on the movie click on the book!

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Gavin Oliver Introduction

Hi, I’m Gavin Oliver. I was born and raised 10 minutes down the road in Seneca. I am a junior English major concentrated in Writing and Publication Studies and minoring in Sports Communication. I plan to become a sports journalist following graduation, as my love for writing and sports meshes well with my interest in media relations that includes meeting deadlines, sourcing, and interviewing, among other facets of the job.
This semester, I am excited to expand my knowledge of and interact with the different forms in which books can be read. I hope also to familiarize myself with InDesign and other Adobe products that I will interact with during my career.
As an English major and avid reader, I have read many books and series of books, and am especially enticed by fictional books. One of my all-time favorites remains J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, along with sci-fi novels such as Star Wars. A book I enjoyed recently is the Bronx is Burning by Jonathan Mahler, the story of the New York Yankees in 1977 and the tumultuous events of the city that year. Mahler details most majorly the political race for mayor and the feud between star player Reggie Jackson and manager Billy Martin, and how the season ended with a World Championship.
That was a fun read, and thanks for reading this.

Gavin Oliver

The Bronx is Burning

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Emily Geyer Introduction

My name is Emily Geyer and I grew up about 45 minutes down the road, in Greenville, South Carolina. I'm really proud of my hometown for its exponential business and commercial growth, the flourishing creative community, the downtown atmosphere, and the burgeoning sense of loyalty in those that live there (#yeahTHATgreenville). I think it is a great place to be from. I am an English major with a focus in WPS, and my minor is in Art. I am graduating this upcoming May. Pinch me.

I'm a runner, a musician, a photographer, a writer, and I'm obsessed with peanut butter. Only the weird natural kind though. I love to create. I am a creative at heart, a maker. I love using words and images to tell stories that matter. I'm passionate about that which is beautiful and that which is true. I find that the point where these two intersect most fully is in the gospel of Jesus Christ--in the person who said, "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"-- and so it is upon this that I am trying to stake my life. In the future, I would like to write Bible studies for women. There's no other book that I've found so rich in history and wisdom and literary depth, and I want to spend my life digging into its inexhaustible content. I also want to keep working on my photography skills and would love for that to develop into a side business.

Because I aspire to be a published writer, the future of the book is mildly (extremely) important to me. I want to learn about the particulars and effectiveness of publishing in different reader formats.

I'm currently reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen tends to have a polarizing effect: people either love her or they don't. I'm the former. I think Austen's writing is brilliant, and I am already in love with this book. She is incredibly witty and clever, a true wordsmith, and I have found myself really attached to her character, Lizzy. I'm excited to continue my reading.

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My name is Valerie Smith and

My name is Valerie Smith and I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. It was nice laying on the beach to read or write in my free time or visit the historical places in downtown Charleston. I am a junior English major with a Writing and Publications Studies emphasis and a minor in Poetry. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do when I graduate in the spring of 2016, however I am pretty sure I will be attending Graduate School. I am looking at possibly going into the publishing industry. I love writing small amounts of fiction but mainly focus on poetry.

I know very little about the actual publishing process or how to go about self-publishing or working with any kind of publishing soft are. I look forward to learning a little bit about all of these things during this semester.

One of my all time favorite books would have to be Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. The book takes an everyday girl's sanity and describes the process she goes through in becoming what people normally consider to be insane. Plath does this in a way that makes it seem as if insanity is not all that insane. I think it is extremely talented for a book to make its reader understand insanity while remaining in the realms of sanity.

The Bell Jar

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Hey Everyone! I'm Kate.

Hey! My name is Kate Thomas and I am from Spartanburg, SC, which is about an hour and a half away from Clemson. Spartanburg is small and my high school was small. I think this might be why I hope to live in a bigger city one day. I like that I only live about an hour away from Clemson because my brother, Griffin, and I are close and I can go home some weekends.

I am an English Major with an emphasis in Writing and Publication Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. I love that the English major here at Clemson is such a tight knit community. I love that I when I walk into the first day of classes each semester, I see a few familiar faces.

I am involved with the literary magazine on campus, The Chronicle and have a Clemson University sponsored blog. I also have two jobs, one in Clemson (Starbucks in Ingles) and one in Spartanburg, (Summit Hills Retirement Community) where I am a waitress. After graduation, I plan to get my MFA in Creative Writing. My dream job is to work in publishing and maybe someday get my own writing published.

One of my favorite books is Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. I only just read it last semester in an Intro to Philosophy course but it really stuck with me. If you know me, or have read any of my writing, you know that I am obsessed and bewildered by the idea of time; the inevitability and ungraspable nature of it. Einstein's Dream's deals with thirty of Einstein's dreams (of course) and each dream explains a different interpretation of time. For example, the first dream describes time as a cycle and another where time actually stand still and raindrops are suspended in mid air. I love that this book takes a concept that is so important, yet so confusing and puts it into a narrative.

Einsteins's Dreams


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Kelly Glasson Intro

hey I'm Kelly Glasson, I'm from Sparta, New Jersey (way North of New Jersey). I'm a senior (unfortunately) and will be graduating in May with a degree in Communications Studies and a minor in writing/ media studies. Some of my areas of interest are public relations, and advertising. I hope to work on a creative team for an Advertising Agency. I've been interested in publishing, so I think my goal for this course is to understand the book and publishing a little more because I absolutely love to read and it's something I'm passionate about. My favorite book is "The Truth About Forever" by Sarah Dessen. I just think she's a great writer and sets up stories so they tie in at the end and fit together perfectly. I also like the romance aspect, and how different it is from young adult novels these days.

The Truth About Forever

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Hello, World

Hi everyone,

My name is Joseph Maloney, and I'm very pleased to be with all of you for this Future of the Book class. I wound up sharing the MATRF with you three times a week after living in Michigan, Washington, Indiana, and finally Greenville, South Carolina—the last of which I most consider to be home. I think that Greenville is just about the right size for me, and far enough away from Clemson that I get to be on my own, but not so much that I can't let my parents make me dinner every now and then. I'm also very proud of the business growth that Greenville has shown over the course of my life, and know for a fact that Clemson graduates have had a lot to do with it.

I am a double major in English and Economics, with my concentration in the former being Writing and Publication Studies, and the latter yet to be determined. I should be graduating with both degrees in either December of this year or Spring of the next, depending on how masochistic I can be when I'm scheduling my classes in about two months or so. I have a deep passion for writing, and frankly believe that it is quickly becoming a lost art in the days of text messages and Twitter—a shame because I strongly believe that it is among the purest exercises of critical thought. I am also quite fond of business, and find that being fortunate enough to deal with people means that you'll never have a boring day at the office, or out of it for that matter. Somewhere between these two rather different interests, there's a position that needs to be filled, and I'd like to be the one to do it.

I am extremely excited to take this course for a variety of reasons, primarily the fact that I feel as though I will finally be able to experience the writing and publication field in a hands-on setting. Being able to learn about it from someone with so much real-world experience in it—and what's more owns and operates a business within it—I find to be entirely invaluable and exhilarating to both of my career interests. Additionally, the prospect of being able to take part in exciting innovations in publication technologies--such as those that will be tested within this class--is thrilling, to say the least.

My three years as an English major essentially assure that there is no simple answer as to what my favorite book is, though I find that W. Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage seems the be the foremost text that I've never really been able to put down. I find that it never really loses it is beauty no matter how many times I pick it up. I also have a bit of a guilty pleasure in reading Stephen King novels, an author I've enjoyed for many, many years. I love the Romanticist period, particularly its poetry, and also read Charles Wright regularly as I find it to be a modern example within that same vein. Needless to say, my college career has exposed me to many great works in the English canon, and trying to name all those that have impacted me would be a tireless task.

As I said earlier, I'm really eager to get to know those of you who I haven't had the pleasure of working with before, and look to learn a lot about writing and publishing in 2015. I feel very fortunate that I wound up in this course, and firmly believe that we'll have a great semester together. Thanks for your time, and have a wonderful day—hopefully we can make a trend out of it .

Joseph Maloney

Of Human Bondage

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Hey everybody! My name is

Hey everybody! My name is Remy Barnwell and I grew up in Aiken, South Carolina. Aiken is a small horse town that border the Savannah River and sits right next to Augusta. I have one brother named Andrew, he is three and half years older than me. Sadly, he goes to the other university in the State.... (It which must not be named)....and he was a Print Journalism Major at their school of journalism until he decided, his senior year, to switch to an English major. I guess my parents really instilled a love of English in us.

I am a sophomore English major with a concentration in Writing and Publication Studies along with a philosophy minor. I am a Senior Staff Writer for The Tiger and this is my first semester on the paper. I write for the Outlook section, and so as the semester goes on I'm sure you all will read one of my very opinionated pieces. I promise we can still be friends if we disagree.

I plan on going to law school and want to specialize in either criminal or corporate law. I have been obsessed with the legal system my whole life. Growing up, I wanted to be a spy for the CIA but considering the likelihood of that happening is slim and I would like to have a family and not have to lie about everything. I decided to change my career path. Apart from reading, I really enjoy film. I have created a film blog, but I keep it extremely private. I enjoy most movie genres, but I am not a large fan of comedy.

I love reading and so it is very difficult for me to pick a favorite book. I will say, however, that The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is on the very top of my list. I love the relationship the boys develop in the novel and the surprises that are revealed throughout the book. The Kite Runner is the first book that actually made me cry and it was a book which I found easy to become fully immersed in. The Kite Runner is the first and only book I have been able to read more than once and it is a book that I suggest everybody read. Not only is it emotional, but it is also informative about a time in Afghan history that many people are unaware of. It is amazing.

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Hiii, I'm Abby. I'm from Fort Mill, South Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. Now that I don't live there anymore I can say that it's not thaaaat bad, but it definitely has it's highs and lows. I'm an English major, emphasis in WPS, and my minor is Art. I'll be graduating in May 2016. Hopefully.

As far as my area of interest, I'm obsessed with traveling and it's all I want to do forever; basically my goal is to be a professional nomad. I want to be a travel writer, probably mostly freelance/blogging type thing, and do anything else that will allow me to travel and survive (TESL, stuff like that). Another thing I'm potentially interested in is editing/publishing, most likely for a travel publication or magazine like Wanderlust or Lonely Planet, but I'm not really sure. From this course I really just want to learn more about what all publishing entails, because I truly have no clue, so maybe that'll help me decide if it's something I'm interested in doing in the future.

My favorite author is the genius Chuck Palahniuk and my favorite book by him is (probably, not an easy choice) Invisible Monsters. Palahniuk is a brilliant writer and his stories are so complex and dark and beautiful. He wrote the book Fight Club so you may have heard of him. Anyways, I highly recommend anything he's ever written to anyone. He'll change your life. I swear.

Invisible Monsters

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Lauren Waters Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Waters and I was fortunate to grow up in Beaufort, South Carolina, a beautiful coastal town down by Hilton Head. It’s a small town, but absolutely picturesque, so if you’re in the area you should definitely take the time to see what it has to offer! Both of my parents went to Clemson and they raised me accordingly (my blood runneth orange) and one of my little sisters will be up in here in the fall! Sadly, I am a senior, and my time at Clemson University is up in the spring. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. Clemson gave me four wonderful years but I can say with certainty that I’m ready to ditch the small-town atmosphere.

I will be graduating with a major in Political Science and a minor in English. I am interested in human rights issues and violations, specifically international, and hope to eventually pursue a career in investigative journalism. When I was 11 years old I watched a documentary on the human trafficking industry, and how little is done to combat these violations because the industry is so profitable. That documentary resonated with me, and I hope to one day do my part in the fight against this illicit trade. For the immediate future I am applying to various law schools and internships – so fingers crossed! I am aiming for something in the DC area, but I’m quickly learning that you can’t plan everything out and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

When I read the course description for The Future of the Book I knew it was an amazing opportunity to break out of my comfort zone that is the analytical, cut-and-dry Political Science paper. I hope to gain insight and hands-on experience into the world of writing and publication, one I need to become familiar with in pursuing a career in expose journalism. In an era where more and more people are relying on online sources to provide them with their news and their breaking stories, I jumped at the opportunity to familiarize myself with the latest publication technologies.

I am in the middle of tackling the Game of Thrones series, but I am only about halfway through experiencing the genius that is George R. R. Martin. That being said, I will revert to my other favorite genre (political biographies?). My favorite book I’ve read recently is American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, a fiction work loosely based on the life of former First Lady Laura Bush.

American Wife

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Hi everyone! My name is Amber Day and I'm the sole graduate student in this course. I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in Professional Communication (commonly known as MAPC) and will be taking a unique version of this course thanks to Dr. Blakesley's flexibility! I'll mostly be completing the course at a distance, but will definitely be in class a few times throughout the semester, especially as projects get underway.

I'm also a full-time employee here at Clemson with the Office of Development where I work as a Development Coordinator. I just started this role about a month ago, and before that I worked at the Cooper Library on campus for about a year. I also completed my undergraduate degree here at Clemson in 2013 and majored in English - WPS.

I'm originally from Rock Hill, SC, which is about two hours from here. I've lived in Clemson for about the past 6 years though so now I really consider it home, and am very grateful that I get to live and work in such a beautiful place.

I really enjoy the field I'm currently working in, as it combines several of my interests, including writing, graphic design, marketing, and (naturally) advancing the mission of Clemson University. Books are probably my favorite topic so I'm hoping to learn more about the constantly changing publishing industry through this course, especially innovations from Adobe and other media groups that are making an impact on the industry.

It's always difficult for me to select a favorite book because I'm constantly reading and discovering new books I enjoy. One of my all-time favorite books is Atonement by Ian McEwan - this is one of the first books I read as a freshman English major at Clemson and totally changed my perspective on studying literature. Two books I've really enjoyed recently are The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach and Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. I highly recommend them both!

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Briana Elliott Introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Briana Elliott, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but I’ve lived most of my life up in Charlotte, North Carolina and that’s where my cats live so it’s home to me.

I am an English major with an emphasis in WPS and a minor in business administration and education. I’m graduating in May of 2016 if everything goes according to plan. It took me a while to decide on what I want to do, hence the two minors. I’ve finally decided that I want to work as an editor for Children’s and YA Literature. I always loved authors like Eva Ibbotson, Diana Wynne Jones, and A. A. Milton who write such fantastical stories for younger audiences. I want to be a part of a team that brings those unique stories to life.

I am really looking forward to getting to work with text in a new way and experience literature from the outside in. I feel like this course will give me a good springboard into material that will make me tailored to my career path. I’m also pretty excited to get to use some of the Adobe software. I knew Clemson made a deal to get every student the software but I am so technologically inept I had no idea how to use any of it.

The Name of the Wind is one of my all time favorites. If you haven’t read it you really, really should. I am currently reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglass Adams and so far it’s absolutely amazing. Adams has an incredible wit and the book is so delightfully bizarre.


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Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!

My name is Mary Rose Amoresano. I'm from Hasbrouck Heights, a small town jam-packed with people in the northeast corner of New Jersey. I grew up in the most suburban of suburban places and have lived in the same house for all of my 21 years here on this beautiful planet. I'm terrible at pumping my own gas, eat far too much pizza, and overuse the word 'dude' in inappropriate situations. I'll be graduating in May with a degree in English and emphasis in WPS.

I don't really know what I want to do with my life, but I know that I love being creative. I love working in a team to come up with ideas and bringing those ideas into reality. I love books, movies, and pizza. If you like books, movies, and pizza we will probably get along, but not if you don't accept that a whole pizza is called a 'pie'. I drink more coffee than I do water and my love for Ben & Jerry's ice cream is stronger than my love for any human will ever be.

I'm really interested in the process of publishing and am super excited to learn more about it. I'm also really excited to learn more about using Adobe product, because I think they are the bee's knees.

I'm obsessed with the show Girls and pretty much everything Lena Dunham does. I recently started reading her new book Not That Kind of Girl and I'm hooked! It's hilarious and honest and beautiful and everything. You all should read it.

Not That Kind of Girl

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Introduction to Marissa Kozma

Hi my name is Marissa Kozma, and I'm a senior majoring in English (WPS) and minoring in Writing & Pedagogy. I am originally from a small cow town outside of Toronto, Canada,
but my parents moved close to Charleston, SC when I was 11 (biggest culture shock ever I know). I am definitely not a southerner, but do my best to fit in here.

A lot of you people already know me from my ridiculous amount of jobs around Clemson University, but if you don't I've bet you've seen my face in class or in some of these places:

I'm a writing tutor in the Clemson Writing Center, a student ambassador for the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities, an intern in the Pearce Center for Professional Communication, and a reading tutor for Clemson Elementary School through the America Reads Program. Last year I was also the Executive Editor of Decipher Magazine, a student-run publication about the various Creative Inquiry classes on campus.

Since I am graduating this May, I've already taken my fair share of visual communications, technical editing, and WPS-related courses at Clemson so this stuff is sometimes old-hat for me. But I'm actually pretty excited to learn more about the Future of the Book since publishing is a field I think is absolutely fascinating and completely ideal for an English major eager to prove to the world that her subject of study isn't dying alongside yellowed Penguin paperback novels. I am a rather creative person, and don’t like to sit through long lectures—I think the best learning for me happens when I am just fooling around with different design and publishing software. I think in this class I would like to do more of that. I’m not much of a literature person, and I like how this class is focusing on the future of the book since a lot of us English majors are being thrown into different types of fields today that don’t involve writing close-analysis papers on a couple words from the The Faerie Queene.

I’m not really sure what exactly I want to do after graduation. But I’m open-minded to any position. Journalism is my forte, but we’ll see where that goes. Personally, I like fiction better than non-fiction.

My favorite books are the Harry Potters (particularly the seventh one—I have read it five times), and I’m surprised no one has picked that yet. I like this book because I think it’s absolute genius. I could probably go into more detail on this matter, but I’ll spare you non-Potterheads. In terms of design, I think all the Harry Potter books are pretty cool looking. That’s mainly because they look like giant dictionaries.

Some fun facts:

-Amber Day is the coolest person ever.
-I just got back studying abroad in Paris and somehow made it to 14 countries when I was there. Chelsea studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the same time and we went backpacking together.
-I still can't speak fluent French. Go figure. And I actually dropped my French minor while I was abroad. But it was cool since I still saw this everyday:


-My ideal dream job is writing for Saturday Night Live.
-Everything I own is red because it is the best color in the world.
-That other girl in the class that looks like me is my younger sister Chelsea Kozma. Yes she is also an English major. Yes there is competition between us. This is us:


Come talk to me. I am a talkative person and will like talking to you.


ckozma's picture

Hi, I am Chelsea Kozma!

My name is Chelsea Kozma and I was born in London, Ontario and lived in Toronto, Canada until I was 10. I have lived in Charleston, South Carolina for exactly 10 years now. I'm a Junior English major with a WPS emphasis and an Art minor. My area of interest is illustration and cartooning, I would love to work with children’s books or TV shows. I love to write creatively and I would be interested in writing and illustrating my own books at some point. Although my any of interest does range and I would be happy to have a career in design, writing, or publishing. I hope to learn more about the editorial process throughout this course and just experience what it is like to publish a book.

My favorite books are the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I find the writing and amount of detail to them exquisite and I always enjoy reading books with mystery and puzzles to solve. Other books that I find myself always rereading are the classic fairy-tale books like the Grimm stories and East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Right now I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien as it has been on my list for a very long time and my New Year’s Resolution was to shorten that list.