Week 14: April 14 and 16

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Tuesday, April 14

Due Today

  • Reading. Read Chapters 6, 7, and 8 in Show Your Work (111-57).
  • Blogging. What does Kleon have in mind when he says that we shouldn't "turn into human spam"? If we don't promote our own work, who will? What do you think he has in mind? Find an example or two of human spam (not the obvious email kind, but the more subtle but still spammy kind). You could look at any social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) or retails sites like Lulu.com, Amazon.com, or even GoodReads for possible examples. As always, include two more more images (screenshots of your own workspace while producing an ebook might work well!) and two external links to the work or writing of others. TAGS: blog9, human spam, and any others that may be relevant.

In-Class Activities

  • Work on processing ebooks for the Individual Book Project (follow-along demonstration), including Kindle and iBook formats.
  • Meet in collaborative book project groups.

Thursday, April 16

Dr. B. will be traveling to George Mason University to present on "Creative Dividends in the Digital Economy." Please plan on meeting with your groups to finalize plans for your group projects and case studies.

Activities to Complete by Tuesday, April 21

  • Continue working on your ePub versions of your individual book projects. Be prepared to receive directions for turning in all of your work by the end of this week.
  • No reading or blog posts due this week.