Week 8: February 24 and 26

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Tuesday, February 24

Due Today

  • Reading. Austin Kleon, Show Your Work (Chapters 3, 4, and 5; "Share Something Small Everyday," "Open Up Your Cabinet of Curiosities," and "Tell Good Stories")
  • Blogging. Respond to the reading by focusing on what's involved in telling good stories and, in particular, the idea that "our work doesn't speak for itself" (93). Find one example of your own work (something you created) that doesn't speak for itself and tell its story. Your work could be something you wrote, a group project, a video, artwork, or anything else that you worked hard on and that is meaningful to you in some way. As always, include two more more images (images or examples of the work) and two external links to the work or writing of other that may be related. TAGS: blog6, stories, and any others that may be relevant.

Activities to Complete by Thursday, February 26

  • Be sure that you're able to run InDesign CC 2014 on a computer that you have easy access to. We'll be working on books in InDesign often from this point forward.
  • Be prepared to select your books for the Individual Book Project from the list to be provided in class.

Thursday, February 26

Snow Day (Clemson cancelled).

Activities to Complete by Tuesday, March 3