Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 issue of KB Journal features new essays by Samantha Senda-Cook ("Fahrenheit 9/11's Purpose-Driven Agents: A Multipentadic Approach to Political Entertainment"), Hans Lindquist ("Composing a Gourmet Experience: Using Kenneth Burke’s Theory of Rhetorical Form"), and Camille K. Lewis ("Publish and Perish?: My Fundamentalist Education from the Inside Out"); the newest contribution to the "Burke in the Fields series by Robert Wade Kenny ("The Glamour of Motives: Applications of Kenneth Burke within the Sociological Field"); and a parting essay, "The Future of Burke Studies," by KB Journal editors Mark Huglen and Clarke Rountree. In a new feature in our Reviews section, we introduce more than a dozen new Burke scholars in "Embarking on Burke: Profiles of New Scholars." Also in this issue, Maura J. Smyth reviews Christopher R. Darr's article “Civility as Rhetorical Enactment: The John Ashcroft ‘Debates’ and Burke’s Theory of Form"; and Candace Epps–Robertson reviews  Robert Glenn Howard's. “A Theory of Vernacular Rhetoric: The Case of the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ Online."