Table of Contents

Introduction: Queer and Now Remix
Trixie G. Smith, Michigan State University, Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America, and Robert Koch, University of North Alabama

Torches and Metonyms of Freedom
Harriet Malinowitz, Ithaca College

Archival Research as Queer Practice: “Pull Here”
Jessica Shumake, University of Arizona

Incorporating the Medical Gaze in Queer and Transgender Life Writing and Video
Nicholas de Villiers, University of North Florida

A Revolving Closet Door: Reflections on “Queerbrown” Teacher Identity
Shereen Inayatulla, York College, City University of New York

Teaching/Feeling/Writing: A Theatrical Interlude on Affect, Performativity, and Plagiarism
Alec Magnet and T. Meyerhoff, City University of New York

On (Not) Queering Legal Writing
Gabriel Arkles, Northeastern University School of Law

Genderqueering Language at a “Women’s” College
Kimberly Drake, Scripps College

Hey Gurl: Queerness & Romantic Friendship in Poetry
D. Gilson, George Washington University

Entering Grey Gardens, Exploring Queer Identifications with the Beales
Rosanne Carlo, College of Staten Island

My Butch Wears a Hot Pink Bra: When Reality Interrupts Theory
Trixie G. Smith, Michigan State University

The Failure of Queer Pedagogy
Jacqueline Rhodes, California State University, San Bernardino

Forum: Queer and Now

(Anti-)Climax: Animalqueer/Queeranimal Scatterings
Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America