Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of KB Journal features new articles by Keith Gibson ("Burke, Frazer, and Ritual: Attitudes Toward Attitudes"), Robert S. Littlefield, Timothy L. Sellnow, and Matthew I. Attanse ("Mysticism and Crisis Communication"), and Timothy Crusius ( "The Question of Kenneth Burke's Ethics"). James W. Chesebro remembers Bernard L. Brock, and Mark Wright remembers Leland Griffin. David Blakesley begins a new "book gallery" that alerts readers to newly published books by Burke ("Burke's New Boiks: Get 'em While They're Hot and Before They're Not . . ."), and we feature Julie Whitaker's preface to Late Poems, 1968-1993 by Kenneth Burke, along with three previously unpublished Burke poems. In our Happenings section, Michael Burke describes his art project at Andover. We also announce a "Call for Participants in a New Conversation."

Issue 3.1 also features reviews of Late Poems, 1968-1993, by Kenneth Burke [Miriam Clark], Rhetoric: A User's Guide, by John D. Ramage [Brad E. Lucas], “Plymouth Rock Landed on Us: Malcolm X’s Whiteness Theory as a Basis for Alternative Literacy,” by Keith D. Miller [Paul Lynch], “Rhetoric, Cybernetics, and the Work of the Body in Burke’s Body of Work," by Jeff Pruchnic [Drew M. Loewe]