Volume 7, Issue 1, Fall 2010

The Fall 2010 issue begins with an editorial and announcement from KB Journal editor Andy King. Essays in this issue include Charles Blair "Breakfast with Two Kenneths: Kenneth Burke and Kenneth Fearing," Zac Gershberg "Existentialist Literature in the Burkean Parlor: Exploring the Contingencies and Tensions of Symbolic Action," John M. McKenzie "Reading Resistance to Kenneth Burke: 'Burke the Usurper' and Other Themes," C. Wesley Buerkle "Cynics, Hypocrites, and Nasty Boys: Senator Larry Craig and Gay Rights Caught in the Grotesque Frame," Brett Biebel "Standing Up for Comedy: Kenneth Burke and The Office," Nick Bowman and Jeremy Groskopf "Appalachia: Where the Squids hate the Chalkies."